I am a very conscious person in regards to health as well as endeavoring to live as close to nature as possible and to be closely knit to God according to his Will. Through the many trials and diseases that I witness about me in my family as well as among friends and relatives, I see people running to and fro to the hospitals, to the doctors for this ill and that sickness - even for the simplest thing as a headache. But when one is enlightened and educated about the causes of diseases, the mechanisms and the care of this wonderful human machinery that only God in 
His wisdom created, I marvel at the simplicity of God's requirements in achieving the goal of mankind - and that is to live free of disease, aches 
and pains for the glory of God.

I attended Dr Kirimaua's Health Lecture/ Workshop for three weeks full on. This was a very intense course that one could only acquire at the university level but was made available and simplify by Dr Kirimaua along with the Bible and The Spirit of Prophecy for the benefit of the layman and anyone who desires wellness of body, mind and soul for the glory of God - for how can we serve our Lord if we have not the health of the body, mind and soul?

I recommend Dr Kirimaua's Health Lecture/Workshop to anyone who wants to be well and in turn help those of her/his family and the community at large. Dr. Kirimaua's Health Lecture will take you on a course for a life style for ones lifetime as we sojourn on this earth. N. McBride, Cook Islands 2011.
My name is Nubono.Tebano from Kiribati the country that said where the Sun first seen in this Millenium year (2000). However, I would like to share what I think is quicker and faster than the Penicillin capsule. On Sunday 17th April 2011, I had an accident on my face when I work with this machine wire brush grider. It feels like minor burn so the first thing is to cool it down with ice as long as it calm down the sever pain (maybe 3 hrs).The next is the most important is the Juice. From the moment after that incident I start fasting on Juice for at least 7 days. It amazing that after 3 days the ugly burn on my skin face is completely healed. I thank God for this wonderful gift Juice and also thank Dr Raubane and Wife during there stay in Rarotonga for teaching and Lecture this Pasifika Health to our people in Cook Islands. Rarotonga, 2011
“Thank you for bringing this program to Fiji. You have given us a lot of knowledge through this program that has empowered us to make choices and has also given us great responsibilities…and burden for that matter, to live out the principles that you have taught and also to spread those principles to our families and to all areas of influence that we may have. Ephesians 2:10 says, “For we are God’s workmanship created in Christ Jesus to do good works which God has prepared in advance for us to do.” Seated before you here are 20 or so samples of God’s workmanship, and with the knowledge that we’ve gained here, we will be able, with good health, to carry out the good works which God has ordained for us.”  R. Bulatale, Fiji participant & PHRM Health Evangelism student, 2006

“I believe the lectures play an important role. Without that we wouldn’t be motivated to continue. My blood pressure is more toward the normal range and I’m sure if I continue on this path I’ll get rid of it.”  H. Kumar, Fiji participant & PHRM Health Evangelism student, 2006  

“…when I was on the juice, within a month, my arthritis pain disappeared, really disappeared! And I also asked Doctor, “since I had arthritis, can I switch to the juice for the gout?” He said “yes”. It has been a month and 16 days, praise the Lord, thank the Lord, I can now walk better and straighter than before.”  Participant, Hawaii 2003.  

“I sleep early and wake up with much more energy. I feel better. I feel like I’m purging myself of all the impurities…thank you again, and I praise God for this program.” Aileen, Hawaii 2003.   
"I came here as a sick person. I’ve been on dialysis three times a week, four hours at a time. I have been on insulin, the amount of insulin taken every day is very much. I am a diabetic. I stand here today to give my great gratitude to our heavenly Father, our mighty God, to our doctor and his wife, and the persons who work for this juicing program. I thank the good Lord that He’s taking care of me through the juice. I went to see him [doctor] and he told me that my kidneys are functioning again! Again, brothers and sisters, one thing I want to express today, not just for the juice and the fellowship we have together…especially us, the Chuukese, we have been very blessed by the Christianity of this Samoan church here. Thank you very much doctor, we bind together, not just by the juice but we are bound through the love of Jesus Christ." Participant, Hawaii 2003.  
“I’m Peka, and I’m from Samoa. I was diagnosed with cancer. When I came here they said I have cancer in my bladder. They said it was only a mass. So when I came here they removed the mass from my bladder. But I could still feel the pain, so they told me I had to go through x-rays to make sure that the cancer is not spreading. I went through the x-rays and they said I have cancer, the cancer is spreading…it’s in my uterus, in my ovaries and going to my liver. That day I didn’t feel good when the doctor told me…you know, I didn’t know what to do. My sister told me about the juice, I never heard of the juice but she said, “Let’s go, it might help you.” So I said “Ok, let’s go.” That Saturday we came here, I said to myself, “I think I came to the right place at the right time.” From then on, all the way from Samoa, I could feel pain from here all the way there [lower abdomen]. And now, it’s gone. To think that will I see my family and go back to my kids, I praise God!” Peka, Hawaii 2004.  Peka returned to Samoa without having to undergo surgery. 
"The first time I came here, I had problem with my knee, my back, my headache…I had migraine headaches, and my cholesterol was very high. Doctor told me I had to work on one at a time, so they helped me with my arthritis first. Now you see me, I walk very fast. Before I had to walk with a cane and all that. Now you don’t see me with a cane and I’m walking so fast, I can do whatever I want. Praise the Lord! So I come to doctor, and he asked, “Are you sure you’re ok with your knees and your back?” I said “Yes, but now I want to work on my cholesterol because my doctor told me my cholesterol is very high.“ So praise the Lord, I went to see the doctor, I went to take the test but he didn’t call me, so I called him. I asked what happened with my cholesterol, and he said “Oh, your cholesterol is very good.” Praise the Lord! If not for this juice program, my cholesterol would be very high.”  Participant, Hawaii 2004 
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“In April of this year, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Someone told me about the juice. I came for another reason, but I kept hearing all these different ailments that people are saying and I’ve heard testimonies, so I thought maybe this is a chance for me to take advantage of this. The thing that really stood out to me was the word of God that he [Dr. Kirimaua] brought forth with it…and these are the words that came out of his mouth that really stuck with me, “it’s your faith in God, who is the Healer, that’s going to manifest and bring healing to your life and whatever problems you may have.” So I took that with the juice. The first week that I took the juice, I discovered that the pain I was constantly having was no longer there. It was just gone. 

And at the same time, I was still going to the doctors and taking their tests. They ran test after test after test on me. But I was already convinced that my healing was in the process. I was just going to fulfill what my doctors ordered me to do, because medically I need to be there. But at the same time I knew that my healing was in the process. So I continued with the juice and continued going to my doctors. Sometimes my doctors got frustrated with me because I deliberately didn’t go because I wanted to give time for the juicing to work. It was getting closer to the point where I had to go in for surgery. I was missing appointments. My surgeon called, and I said I was too busy. Like I said, I deliberately did that because I wanted to give time for the juice to work. I believe with all my heart that it worked. 

To make a long story short, this past Monday, which was the 15th of September, I went back for the final result of the tests that they ran on me…that is the test that will determine my surgery, what kind of surgery I’m gonna go for. Well, I wasn’t surprised that when I went over there, the doctor came in, she didn’t examine me, she just looked at me and said “I have good news for you, you have a clean bill of health.” 

I knew it already, I just couldn’t wait to get out of that office. From that day forward, I knew in my heart, it was God that brought my healing and it was so soon. I was only on the program for 6 weeks and wasn’t even consistent because of my work schedule. But why did I get healed so fast? Only God knows. I believe with all my heart that it’s how much you want it and how much time you give it too…and how much faith you put in it. Not only in the juice, but the Word, The Word will perform itself. 1 Peter 2:24 says He bore my sickness and all my diseases and by His stripes I was already healed. So if I was already healed, what happened to my body was that the devil was trying to put sickness in me... So what I did was, when I discovered the juice, it was a revelation to me that my body needs to go back to where it was supposed to be. 

Words cannot express how much I’m so grateful and so thankful to the ministry, Pastor Toese and doctor and his wife and all his dedicated workers, even the parking lot attendants…I appreciate it because I know that with all these people working together, it causes me to have this opportunity to lead a healthy life, the life that I have now. Praise God!” Malia, Hawaii 2003
“I lost 7kg, my blood pressure has come down, I’ve lost a few inches here and there…and that’s just only in the first week! The lectures by Dr. Raubane were very simple. It just goes to show that the answers to life are very simple…we have all the money, we buy things that do nothing for our health but damages our health. I’m very grateful for this family and this ministry and I will continue to come here as long as this place is open because I’ve found good health and a better life.”   V. Bole, Fiji participant & PHRM Health Evangelism student, 2006 
“We can’t stop talking about how much we’ve learned. It’s just amazing that it’s all centered on the Bible…that just makes it all the more sweeter!”  S. Tupou, Fiji participant & PHRM Health Evangelism student, 2006
"I have been an asthma sufferer for 30 yrs with a generally steady declining health over a period of approx. 20 yrs......chronic fatigue and auto-immune disorder, with much pain and developing arthritis associated with old injuries to my hips, back, neck and shoulder. Though I was a vegetarian, I was still suffering and battling with consistent weight gain. The medical profession was unable to offer me any help.  
Since becoming involved with this health programme and changing my diet accordingly, my health has taken a new turn for the better. I became asthma-free after 2 days on the cleanse phase!!! No more need to carry inhalers around with me.....such freedom! My weight has dropped markedly and my general health is so much better than ever. My immune system is doing a good job now instead of attacking my body as it was before, and the aches and pains have diminished greatly and I am more able to keep active. 
I am very thankful for the information I have received to enable me to achieve better health. I praise our loving Father for His grace and mercy in giving me a new lease on life..... and the ability and desire to share this health message with others and see the awesome results in their lives." A. Tuakeu, New Zealand, 2011.
"Bula Vinaka. My name is Kelera Ravono. I joined the Pasifika programme in 2006 and its been 5 years that I still carry with me the teachings that I gained from the programme. When I first started, I have heard a lot about detox programmes thinking it was an easy thing to do, but to actually be part of the programme was a different story. I was challenged physically especially the craving to eat during the first week, missing all the yummy delicacy’s that I usually consume, but the good feeling as well and the changes you feel and see in your system outweighs all the cravings of food. I felt a bit weak in my first 3 days and the 4th day, I felt so rejuvenated. Waking up early in the morning without any second thought of taking another 5 minutes nap was gone. Jumping out of bed, having a great immune system, fresh mind is all you experience during the day. Those were the best feelings that I have ever experienced. My husband and I joined the programme that year and we still practice what we have learnt, though at times we indulge ourselves with our favourite cake but we know what is the limit and how to control this eating habits. Most of all is the importance and knowing the true facts about vegetables and fruits. It is definitely the only first food created by God for us and I believe it’s the only food that our system recognizes. I have shared these truths with my family too." K. Ravono, Fiji 2011.
"I was diagnosed with diabetes more than ten years ago, back in Chuuk. Because of that sickness, there were many other complications as you all know…that comes with diabetes. So I relocated to Honolulu ten years ago. I immediately went to the doctor and he put me on insulin, I was that sick. From that time no matter how much insulin I took along with other kind of medications, there seems to be nothing that could help me. Of course I have been to some other programs that have promised health, only to be disappointed at the end. That’s why when I heard about this program, I had my doubts. I was very apprehensive. But then again, I asked myself, “What do I have to lose?” Let me go back, I had bypass surgery. Four of the arteries in my heart were giving me problems, so I had to go and be operated upon in 2000. July of this year, three of those arteries that were operated on were collapsed…and they cannot do anything about it. So, to tell you doctor, I was pretty scared. I’ve been living on borrowed time. I’ve been living on only one artery from the operation. I haven’t been to the doctor yet, I have my appointment on the 29th of this month but within the three weeks that I’ve been on the program I stand here to tell you that I’ve been feeling great. The pain that I’ve experienced [in my chest] is gone. When I first came here I weighed about 240, yesterday, I weighed in at 205. Within those three weeks I lost 35 pounds. That brought me great joy. Not only great joy, but I come here to also share with you my very, very deep appreciation for all the fellowship that we’ve had together…and for knowing the Director behind the program. I have great appreciation to Dr. Kirimaua and his lovely wife, and all the volunteers that give their time to help us have a healthier life."  Participant, Hawaii 2003.   

“Christ said, “Suffer the little children to come unto me.” That is what you are doing here. These "children" who learn from you, is something they will carry on for themselves and for their children. And so for the succeeding generations of Pacific Islanders, I commend you, I thank you for creating a healthy future for all Pacific Islanders. Mahalo.” R. Ikeda, M.D., Hawaii 2003.

“I used to weigh 298lbs, and when I left here, I only weighed 266lbs. [As a diabetic] my blood sugar, before I got on the program was always over 200, as far as up to 300 something, it never went below 190. Now it is 113.” Henry A., Hawaii 2003.  

“Thank you very much for this evening…as we gather together to praise the Lord. I’m coming from Guam. Coming to seek medicine, or help from the doctor because I’m a diabetic. I can say, thank you to the Lord for the power of healing and faith. I don’t have any medicine since I’ve been here. My cousin told me about this program. I don’t take medicine, but I feel very good in my body. I went to the doctor and they checked my blood pressure and blood sugar, and it’s normal. It’s coming down. So, I thank you very much and give thanks to our God in heaven and give praise to Him.”  Participant, Hawaii 2004

“God is good all the time......we came to know this programme when we were involved in the Health programme organized by our Church at Belo St, Samabula. We were consulted by Mrs.Taina Colawai on how to live healthy and lose weight. In order to achieve these we need to change our life style by reducing our cooked food intake and take more raw foods (fruits & vegetable). When we returned after one week for review, surprisingly we both lost 3 kilos each.

On this review, Mrs.Colawai hinted to us that the next health programme will commence on the following week and if both of us are interested we can come and attend the consultation at their residence in New Town. After consultation, we both agreed to join the programme. To be very frank the programme greatly contributes to our daily living:-

  •  It helps us to re-commit ourselves in our relationship with our true loving GOD during our every morning bible study (continue bible study at home)
  •  Not to be self reliance on food (this the cause of trouble at home)
  • It proves to us that we can lose weight by exercising and eating sensibly and deeply trust yourself & your loving GOD so that you can overcome any obstacles
  • We learn a lot of different effective exercise

We lost 5 to 6 kilos and we are now enjoying the comfort of our clothes that were not been worn for a long time because of the “sizes”. With that we would like to return the glory and honour and give gracious thanks to the LORD ALMIGHTY for his guidance and care. We would also like to extend our appreciation to Mrs. Taina Colawai, Mrs. Lorraine Tuilaucala and Mrs. Tamarisi Young for their co-operation and overwhelming support during the 3 weeks programme. MAY OUR LORD ALMIGHTY RICHLY BLESS US ALL.” Participants, Fiji 2011

I met Dr. Raubane Kirimaua last year in December at his home in Oahu,Hawaii and I am impressed to witness his miraculous treatment to I-Kiribati patients living in Laie. Upon my returned to California I highly recommended Dr.Kirimaua to my ill cousin sister who had severe pain in the leg suffering from gout.Her pain made her seat on the couch for almost a month.Doing her daily activities,has now put on hold.All she does is enjoying her cookies in front of the TV which gives her another problem,diabetes type II or III or the highest one.

In January of 2013,Dr.Kirimaua was schedule to have a three weeks lecture at a place near to LA call Lancaster so I convinced my cuz and another family member to go join the class which they accomplished and now we are fortunate to implement what has been taught.Almost all of our household are on juicing and has help all of us even help our gout coz. Her pain has not returned till today.When the doctor exam her on her first day her diabetes was soo high that the doctor was curious how she got to live. She could have died already.But after several weeks of juicing and cleansing her sugar level was brought back to normal.

Now my gout coz is now helping people around our community especially our immediate families and friends and neighbors and thanks to Dr. Raubane Kirimaua and his lovely wife Tina for their dedication and commitment in sacrificing their time and energy sharing their healing knowledge to those who desperately need them throughout America and the South Pacific.

For me personally climbing stairs to my apt is quite a challenge for me cause of my knee problems but after complying with the juicing i feel lighter,20 years younger and now climbing the stairs is a piece of cake to me..NO MORE KNEE PAIN.