January 2014

Happy New Year to all of you!

First of all, let us give praise and thanksgiving to our heavenly Father for keeping us safe all these past months since I last visited you in our newsletter. Yes, it has been quite a while and much has happened since that time so I am going to give you a concise narrative of each of these special events in the succeeding paragraphs. But before we proceed, let me thank each and every one of you for your many contributions to this God-given Ministry as you reached out to the people of your local communities and beyond, helping them with their needs. 

To all our Directors, I salute you for your great accomplishment these past months, doing your best with your team in alleviating the health challenges of your participants. From anecdotal reports passed on to us, we were happy to learn that you have been a great help and resource to both your churches and your communities. This is what our Leader, Jesus Christ wants us to do and you are indeed doing it! Continue doing the great work for God is beside you and He will bring success and great accomplishments to crown your humble efforts with.

In 2012, we spent much of our time in the South Pacific, helping  to consolidate work and provide further assistance for our satellite centers. It was wonderful to see medical missionaries in action, just to realize that there is indeed a great need for this type of work. It is no wonder that we are advised by Scripture and the Spirit of Prophecy to do medical missionary work during this time of earth’s history, because of the poor health condition of so many people. It is sad to face the reality that people, nearly everywhere we turn, are suffering from sickness. In all of our visits thus far, within the United States and abroad, people come to us, even in-between travel, to seek us out for advice and treatment.  

2013 has been quite a year! In previous years, we were able to spend at least a month at home in Hawaii, but for this past year, we had but a couple of days. We been on the go since January, with only a few weeks at the end of the year to spend with our family, and in turn, be able to catch up on my newsletter! Our engagements this past year were mainly focused on health evangelism training, for both Adventists and non. Tima and I have gotten so used to living out of our suitcases that it is now a normal part of our lives! We have learned to be flexible, in all aspects of our lives, grateful to accept provided accommodation, modes of transportation, food, as well as learning to appreciate different cultural values, all of which has humbled us greatly. Now I understand a little more of how Jesus adapted His life to live among those He came to minister to. These experiences have helped us grow in our walk with Christ, learning to trust Him implicitly in everything that we do. 

Through our classes, we had the privilege of meeting sincere people of other denominations that were not only seeking out our health message, but were looking for Christ as well. Praise God, our classes were helping them find the missing link that they have been searching for. Let me briefly share one such experience - 

A woman signed up to attend our training. According to my discussion with her during one of the breaks from our classes, she stated that she has been to many natural healing workshops, both within and outside the country, and what she was missing in all of them was the spiritual component. Yes, there appeared to be some type of spirituality in some of these workshops but they are not of the type she learned about in our training. What excited her even more was that this was her first exposure to the Spirit of Prophecy’s books on Health, such as Counsel on Diet and Food, Ministry of Healing, Counsels on Health, etc. These texts were required reading for our classes. She couldn’t believe that such scientific-based writings could have been written over 100 years ago by a woman of third grade education. She was so overwhelmed by the deep and thought-provoking statements contained therein, that all she could conclude was that these books were indeed inspired. Her intrigue led her to purchase more of these books, which she is still reading today. She and Tima have been in touch with each other since then and we know that the Holy Spirit is working on her heart. Please remember her in your prayers that she will someday take the stand for her Lord!

In January we set out to conduct a training course for a non-Adventist church group in Lancaster, about an hour’s drive Northeast of Los Angeles. Prior to this visit, we had spent some time with them in 2012, attending to their medical needs as well as doing raw food demonstrations for them. After this training, we headed off to Fiji for another month of training in March. 

In April, I returned to Hawaii to conduct a training session and also did clinical work. In May, we went to Maryland to run classes for several members at the Light Bearer’s Mission SDA. June through August saw us back in the Cook Islands. We returned to the States in September for my annual Naturopathic conference in Las Vegas. 

In October, we travelled up to Montana to visit one of our dearest friends and ministry sponsor, who was stricken by a rare lung disease. She had been under the care of several specialists. We spent four days with this lovely couple working on the lady, affectionately known to us as “Aunty”. With the Lord’s help and direction, we were able to get her back on her feet. Her health and strength returned once more to her, something for which she had thought would no longer be possible! We praise God for yet another testimony of His great healing power that was so profoundly demonstrated. In our conversations since then, she stated that many people are indeed shocked to learn that she has gotten so much better when modern medicine had given such a bleak outlook. What a marvelous Physician we serve! Just this past week, we spoke to her and she is still doing very well, in spite of the freezing temperature she is in at the moment! 

So our dear friends, this work that we are engaging in is the most enjoyable and self-satisfying employment any human can ever be privileged with. When you know that you are doing God’s work and that He is your Employer, you can't help but realize how other worldly employments simply don’t count. As we face this new year, let us continue to do God’s work, in what ever capacity you find yourself in. May God continue to bless you and your families.

Yours in His service,
Dr. Kirimaua

January 2012 

New Year greetings to each and everyone of you!

Looking back at the last six months of 2011, I can truly say that the Lord has been very gracious to us and He alone deserves our humble praise. Let us always be thankful to our loving Lord for what He does to us daily.

To give you an update on the last part of this past year, our story starts from the Friendly Island Kingdom of Tonga. Tima and I were privileged to be invited to this beautiful South Pacific Kingdom in June and July. We had 10 students enrolled in our Health Evangelism Training. Three of these were registered nurses, one was a retired pastor of our church, and the rest where professional young people working in banks, schools, and other areas. This is another group of dedicated individuals who have realized the importance of understanding what the Health Message is all about and how they may be able to utilize it to benefit themselves, their family and others that may need their assistance. We modified our class schedule to accommodate the trainees with class from 5-8am and then again from 4-8pm. Our clinical hours were spent between 8.00 am and 4.00 pm, administering to the needs of those in Nuku‘alofa. Needless to say, we had a packed schedule for the 3-week duration of our stay.

During our final week in Tonga, we received a request from the Tuvalu SDA group in West Auckland to visit them for two weeks upon our return from Tonga. They needed clinical assistance with health lectures in the evenings, which we did for them. There were a good number of people attending, mainly Tuvaluans, a mixture of Adventist and Non-Adventists. These short two weeks were utilized to the max and we thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. It was at this location that Tima conducted, for the first time, Food Demonstrations every evening. As with the trip to Tonga, the results in West Auckland were outstanding. God was with us, manifesting His power both in the physical healing and spiritual conversion of souls--bringing SDA backsliders back into His fold! Witnessing these special occasions in Tonga and New Zealand was evidence, to me personally, of God’s presence with us as we do His work.

We returned to California for a week’s rest, then flew to Papeete, Tahiti for our second training program. I must admit that, and I feel guilty for doing it but I must say, I was reluctant to go on this trip due to the traumatic experience Tima and I endured on our first visit in May (see my last newsletter). God be praised, we encountered no immigration issues as we entered the country. 

This training location was like a botanical garden, it was just too beautiful to behold. The lawn was meticulously manicured, the trees were loaded with ripe fruit and the house where we and the students stayed had a boat-shaped architecture with varnished floors and pillars shimmering in the Tahitian sun. The venue was amazing. You may wonder how we ended up here! The story is bittersweet. The owner of this magnificent home passed away, a couple of days prior to our arrival. He died of prostate cancer. We had just missed him, we wish we had been able to assist him through his illness. One of his last requests was that the program be held on his property. We praise God for his hospitality and thank his lovely wife for her kindness.

Our students in Tahiti were predominantly non-Adventists, 10 to 5. The training went on very well in spite of a few hiccups that slowed our progress due to translations and other language barrier issues. But through all this, we were able to complete our training and even had all of our songs translated into French, well learned, and beautifully sung at graduation. And speaking of graduation, this was the first graduation ceremony ever to be held in the country of French Polynesia! In fact, it garnered the attention of so many that even the mayor of the town wanted the media to come and do some interviews and videotaping but I humbly requested that they do not do it as we did not want to create some kind of sensational attraction to our little event. Praise God, they complied and there was no publicity. 

The graduation event was awesome. Many people came although we limited it to close relatives of the graduates. Among these spectators were church pastors who, drawn by the lyrics of our songs and messages given, asked why there were not made aware of the program. Our small graduation ceremony created a desire amongst our own church members to learn about the Health Message which we hope to help them learn, should we have another opportunity to visit their country in the future. God has a way of working! 

A couple of days after the graduation, we were off to Raiatea, another island about 45 minutes flight from Tahiti. At this island, we did clinical work for three weeks and presented health lectures in the evenings. I had the students who came along with us assist in the clinical work as part of their practicum, which they did splendidly well. We were able to help many sick people on this island and our students had the opportunity to work hands on with patients. They performed the preparation and application of poultices, massage, natural antibiotics, hydrotherapy, and so on. There were many diabetic cases, cancer, asthmas, fractures and dislocations, patients that the hospital could not treat anymore, etc. With God’s help we were able to relieve every patient, bringing them back to normal health and strength again. 

With us was one of our retired ministers, Pastor Rodger Brotherson. He was also one of our patients and he did the translation for me as well. It was through him that many of our Seventh-day Adventists brothers and sisters were able to come to the program as they felt safe seeing that one of the church pastors was with us. I look at it as God’s providential way of reaching out to our church members so they too can be blessed with the Health Message...which was enjoyed by non-Adventists who flocked to the program without hesitation. 

In December, we had the privilege of helping our fellow islanders at the Burlingame SDA church, in the San Francisco Bay Area. Due to the uncertainty of what our Ministry was about by the Fijian members who invited us there, we were not too sure of what would happen. Th following morning after our arrival, we began to conduct health screening, followed by juicing for those in attendance. The next day we introduced health lectures. This turned out to be a blessing to some of the islanders who attended, especially to the non-Adventists, because they wanted to be healed from their ailments. Some came from as far north as Santa Rosa, Sacramento and San Jose, so we had quite a number of people to work with on a daily basis, Toward our second week, certain individuals expressed their need for training, which we started but were unable to complete due to internal conflicts within the church. You never know what the Lord has planned, for what we may view as a drawback, led our church members to more closely examine scripture and the Spirit of Prophecy regarding our Seventh-Day Adventist Health Message.

2011 was a very busy but a blessed year. I want to let you know that most of our non-Adventist Tahitian students are now regularly having Bible studies, attending our church and are preparing for baptism! There were also some backsliders who, through our work there, and being led by the Holy Spirit, have also found their way back into the fold. We stand amazed at the mysterious ways in which God works to bring His children back to Him. We are so humbled to know that we were part of His divine plan. Thank you Jesus!

As we face 2012, we do not know what will unfold, but we do know one thing, our Director and heavenly Father, is in full control. Tima and I are ready to do His bidding whatever and where ever that may be. We have received several requests, but as of this writing, we have yet to confirm. We will update our schedule appropriately. 

Thank you very much for your prayers and monetary support during this past year and we look forward to your continued support as we work for our Lord and Master this new year. May the Lord continue to shine His face upon you, is my sincere prayer.

God bless, 

Dr. Kirimaua

June-July 2011

Dear Friends,

The first half of the year is already behind us and it seems like just yesterday that I last wrote you. 2011 is another exciting year for the Ministry. 

The excitement started off with the facelift of our website, thanks to our Office Manager, Lily. Thanks for doing a fantastic job. 

In March, Tima and I flew down south to New Zealand to visit Alice Tupou and her team at their Ministry site at East Mangere, Auckland. The day after our arrival, Alice informed her team; thereby spreading the news of our visit near and far. 

Many people came for consultation and for massage which kept us pretty busy. One of those that came for massage was Bronson Campbell, a 19-year old Maori boy who went to a hospital in Auckland that week for a check up and came out with his legs unable to hold him, placing him in a wheel chair. According to this young man, he underwent a routine lumbar puncture which took several unsuccessful attempts. As each attempt was made, his legs experienced severe reflex reactions. At the end of this ordeal, he was not able to feel his lower limbs, felt very weak and consequently could not walk anymore. 

His friend Guz, Alice’s daughter’s parter, told him about PHRM and about me, persuading him to give the program a try to see if I could help him in any way. The very next day his father came to the house and asked if I could see his son and of course, he related the story, furious with the doctors and hospital for what had happened to his son. The next morning, Bronson, his father and stepmother came. There before me sat a very able young man whose legs rendered him useless due to a routine procedure gone awry. With the Lord’s help, I worked on him, massaging from his head downward along his spine and toward his feet. God be praised, after that first therapy session, he was able to stand on his feet taking some steps which he could not previously. On the second day of therapy he was able to stand on his own, walk, and by the third day, he was walking normally. Tears of joy were shed by his father and stepmother and we shed some tears also in gratitude to God for His miraculous healing. This incident led to many others which we don’t have the space to relate, but friends this is just one of the many miracles, we have witnessed since we started back in 2003.

In the middle of our third week, we had the privilege of visiting Mii Singer at Otaki, a beautiful Maori town about an hour’s drive north of Wellington. Mii was one of our graduates last November at Rarotonga in the Cook Islands. This visit was in response to her request to start her program and we obliged her cheerfully. This is another exciting event as on the very first evening of our visit, we had to do a hot & cold foot bath for Mii’s uncle whose legs were awfully swollen, very edemic. This gentleman had many medical complications, diabetes, heart, hypertension, etc. I jokingly told him that night that he had ‘all of the above’ which he agreed with rather sheepishly. We instructed his wife on what to do and she did it faithfully so Mr Wene Gilbert was up and about with his edemic condition under control. From that night onward, until we left, we were kept very busy. Our three days in Otaki were occupied with consultations in the day and health lectures in the evenings. Mii’s father is an Evangelical minister. He and his wife run a ministry called ‘the House of Hope’ from a two-story facility that was once a hotel. In The House of Hope are guest rooms, and on the second story are several offices, a lecture hall, a wellness & fitness room fully equipped with exercise equipment. On the ground level is a large kitchen and dining room adjacent to a huge living room. We had quite a busy three-day visit attending to patients and participants, as well as instructing Mii and her parents on how to organize and manage their program. We taught them how to select and prepare their vegetables, demonstrating to them juice preparation and how to manage this part of the program. This is our first Maori-run PHRM satellite station operating in such a well-equipped setting. What a blessing!

We had to postpone our return to the States because we were asked to visit the program in Tahiti that Alice Tupou started in February. Pastor Rogatien flew from Tahiti to spend two weeks with us in Auckland for he was not well. This is the husband of Sabine, who is currently running the Program in Tahiti. 

Our initial plan was to run a Health Evangelism Training in Tahiti but Providence has its own way of working things out. Instead we were given the opportunity to enhance the existing program by doing clinical work and health lectures. We did massage therapy using two massage tables as well as utilizing other therapies (hot foot bath, poultices, etc.) as needed. Our schedule started from 6:30am to about 4 or 5 pm Sunday through Thursday, half day on Friday and rest on Sabbath. In the evenings, Sunday to Thursday, we held public lectures at the President’s Hall in the heart of the city of Papeete. The hall was given to Sabine upon her request free of charge so again, this is another evidence of God’s leading. 

As a matter of fact, it is very unusual for this hall to be used by one group for three consecutive weeks, but friends, when God’s work needs to be done, the facility must be provided...and it was! On Sunday afternoons from 1:30-4, Tima and Alice held food demonstrations focusing on preparing uncooked fruit and vegetable salads, butter from nuts, dressings, etc. One of the dishes was the ‘raw fish’ prepared from eggplant with tomatoes, onions and fresh coconut milk. Raw fish is a delicacy in Tahiti so this dish attracted many, for now they could eat something that tastes like raw fish without it being real fish!

Let me just tell you briefly one of the many cases we had for massage, this young lady was scheduled for back surgery in a couple days from the day she and her mother visited us. She was plagued with such acute pain that she was on morphine. We admired their courage to forfeit the surgery by opting for massage therapy instead. God rewarded their faith, for on her first day of therapy, she felt a great change in her back and in her walk. Prior to the therapy, she dragged her right leg and after the first massage, she was able to stand without dragging and could walk straight. She improved so much so that on our last day--the fourth day of massage--she was completely back to normal. She had NO pain, and was out in the sea, exercising as I instructed her to do with no problem at all. God saved her from undergoing surgery!

There was quite a commotion in French Polynesia, especially amongst physicians as they were losing their patients to the program which was then serving close to 700 individuals. We were privileged to serve those from all walks of life: from government officials to church members and the local community. People began to feel better and lighter, their aches and pain were disappearing. One of them stated “this doctor must have eyes on his hands for he is able to work on the spot right away fixing it right there.” Was it me? No. It was only through our loving Savior Jesus Christ, our Director and Physician that healing was ensured. I was just an instrument being used to provide the healing that God sought to give. To Him be all praise!

On one particular day, at about 11 or so in the morning, three immigration police officers came to the house (where the juicing and massage sessions took place) and gave us summons to appear at their office at two that afternoon. Someone from our own Seventh-day Adventist church reported that we were working in Tahiti without workers’ permits. Much to the chagrin of our patients, their therapy sessions were cancelled that afternoon. At the immigration police office, Alice, Tima and I were called in separately for interview. I happened to be the first one to be called, Tima next, and Alice was the last. At my interview, I was asked all types of questions, such as: why did I come to Tahiti, where do I live, etc. etc. The Tahitian policeman that interviewed me was very nice, he stated that he was just doing his job as they had been instructed from the top to do the investigation because of the news article written in the local newspaper the day before. His colleague, a lady police officer with excellent English, stated that the only problem was that there were no prior arrangements by our sponsor for worker’s permits and that it was not a big deal but that they were just doing their job. The outcome was for the Prosecutor to decide.  

We were taken to this office three times because there were three sets of testimonies that they wanted us to sign off on their reports. These testimonies were from Pastor Rogatien, Sabine and Monique (our host). This saga has a very interesting ending. The secretary to the Prosecutor is a Seventh-day Adventist who went through our program and got well. She testified on our behalf, telling him that we were doing a favor to the people of Tahiti rather than a disservice because our treatments were free of charge. One of the French police women wrote a long letter on our behalf, took it up to the Prosecutor herself asking him to stamp it and sign it off after reading which he did. So at the airport prior to our departure, this secretary to the Prosecutor, came to me with the news that the Prosecutor read the report, had nothing to say except that he approves of our work and what ever the accusations were, all was nullified. Should Tima and I return to Tahiti, we may now go and obtain a worker’s permit--without hindrance--to continue where we left off from our first visit. 

Consequently, the President of Tahiti, from the Local side (you see, Tahiti has a coalition government - Locals (French Polynesia ) and French (Whites living in French Polynesia), invited me to his office which I was indeed humbled to accept. Upon my arrival at his office, he came out, put two lei of Tahitian Tiare on me, an unusual act to be done by the President, and walked with me to his conference office. He spoke at length regarding his vision for the country and his desire to have his people free from French rulership. He was very interested in PHRM and is hoping that I will conduct local training in the future. He was one of the first participants during Alice’s initial trip earlier this year. He got well and has been an avid supporter of PHRM since. It was personally interesting to learn that this President’s ancestor was from Arorae, the southernmost island in my home country, Kiribati.

The events of the last couple months serve as continued confirmation from our Director and Physician, Christ Jesus; giving us the support we need as we attempt to carry out the task entrusted to us as health evangelists. Let us continue to pray for the people that we have come in contact with. Only eternity will reveal to us the outcome of the work we do for people in this ministry.

May God bless you as you prepare your life for His return. Thank you again for your support in making this ministry a success. 

God bless,

Dr. Kirimaua

March 2011

Dear Friends,

The year 2010 was another fascinating year, filled with miracles, answered prayers, and numerous exciting adventures with our great God! 

We had the privilege of conducting several health evangelism trainings in Mesa Arizona, Otahuhu New Zealand and Rarotonga, Cook Islands. In all of these training sessions, we could just feel the mighty hand of our loving Savior embracing my wife and I, tenderly supplying us with the energy we needed for each day, and making sure that all our needs were adequately met. What an awesome God we serve!

Toward the end of the year, my wife and I attended a rather unique church camp meeting at Suva in the Fiji Islands. I say “unique” because although its members are Seventh-day Adventists, they are not recognized by the Fiji Mission of Seventh-day Adventists. I was one of the guest speakers for the health sessions and what a thrill it was for me to present our Health Message to this special group of believers. 

As I think of it now, the people that we met and served were indeed Seventh-day Adventists (not to be confused with independents or offshoot Adventists) they just weren’t part of mainstream Adventism. They seem to be part of that ‘little group’ that is preparing for the Loud Cry to go forward into the world and give the final message of Christ’s return before the close of probation. To be a part of this God-given movement is a wonderful privilege. My wife and I realize this solemn responsibility and are earnestly praying that we will be worthy of this heavenly calling! 

Friends, the Health Message that we are endeavoring to present to those who claim to be God’s remnant people is not a ‘new’ theology as some of our dear church members are claiming it to be. No, it is not. As a matter of fact, it is just as old as our Seventh-day Adventist church. Our prophetess introduced it to the church in her time, and the pen of inspiration states that it is a special message for God’s people in these last days (CEv 72.2). We have been told that our message has nothing to do with our eternal salvation but from our study of both the Bible (KJV) and Spirit of Prophecy, it has much to do with acquiring characters that reflect Christ, which we know, will be the only part of this life taken to heaven. 

As long as we have our breath in our nostrils, my wife and I will continue to present this Health Message--in conjunction with the Three Angels’ Message--to our people and to those of the world. For we know that God’s people are in other denominations who will need to hear this message, which they may not fully understand now, but will later in God’s time allotted them. 

In November, I took early retirement from my career with the State of Hawaii Department of Health to fully devote my time to this God-given Ministry and already, we have seen God’s hand providing for all that we need spiritually, financially, physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

While in Fiji, we had the privilege of seeing our new clinic being completed by our faithful supporters. In this facility we have a large lecture room with a seating capacity of about 50, an office for the Ministry staff, and a kitchen. For the clinic, we have a reception and waiting room, massage therapy room, examination room and a hydro-therapy room. Attached to the clinic are the living quarters, a one-bedroom apartment with all essential amenities.

Thus, your monetary contributions have been well utilized to enhance this blessed work and we know that it will expand more and more in the future. And speaking of expansion, we have been invited again this year to the Cook Islands, New Zealand, and for the first time Tonga. There are several other locations that are still in the planning process so continue to pray for us as we launch out this new year doing the work that our Lord has chosen us to do. You are all part of this Ministry and can be part of it through whatever support you are able to offer be it through your prayers, phone calls, monetary contributions, or even your willingness to travel with us. We are all one in this Ministry doing God’s bidding!

Please accept our sincere gratitude to all of you who have contributed to the Ministry this past year. May God’s blessings continue to be upon you. To our office staff who have done much in our absence, thank you so much! We look forward with keen anticipation for your continued support as we face this new year’s challenges.  

In His Service,

R. Kirimaua, ND, Ph.D., BCND, CNHP, MPH