Presentations & Training
We hold true to the belief that the Health Message, unique to the Seventh-Day Adventist faith, is the "right arm of the gospel". The pen of inspiration tells us that "the work of health reform is to be bound up with the gospel. These cannot be separated; for God has united them. When these parts of the work are carried forward on the correct lines, the third angel's message will be given in accordance with God's purpose" (MR5 p134-135). 

In His ministry of soul-winning, Jesus met the people where their needs were. Much of His time was spent in healing others. Once their physical ailments were attended to, they were better able to comprehend and apply the eternal truths offered them by our Savior. This is where our work as medical evangelists comes in. This God-given message of health and wellness has paved the way for our mission to be presented within Seventh-Day Adventist churches, other faiths, community-based organizations, and at various health conferences such as the Chronic Diseases and Global Health Conferences. 

At present, our primary objective is to conduct Health Evangelism training in churches and/or church companies. Should your organization desire this type of training, we would love to hear from you. Simply fill out our contact form, email us directly at phrm@pasifikahealth.com or call 808/294.2964. 

For detailed information on the training program and fees, click here.